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"I was able to get insights in 1/10th of the time it normally would have"

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Hear what others have to say is building a data tool to provide simple access to insightful data analytics for teams and ensure seamless integration of insights through natural language interface solutions. This is a solution for any data leader looking to deliver insights to their organization.

Shabaz Patel
VP of Data Science & Solutions - One Concern is a gamechanger for any organization that spends time on exploratory analysis & ad-hoc reporting. It makes supporting the business with data so much more efficient.

Gary Sahota
Co-founder - Tether Data

Fabi helps me decrease the time to find actionable insights from my data

Aditya Goyal
Director of Analytics - Shogun

With, the power of data analysis is going to be at the fingertips of every user in the enterprise in the very near future.

Dave Stuart
Director of Product is transforming the way insights are gathered and consumed in the enterprise. Any company not using is choosing to operate at a disadvantage.

Somrat Niyogi
Founder - Recall Capital

Marc and Lei have spent their entire careers as both consumers and producers of insights and it shows in the product. It's truly designed to help teams get the insights they need to make strategic decisions in minutes rather than days or weeks.

Blaine Davis
Partner - Outlander VC

Creating ad hoc reports and conducting exploratory data analysis is tedious and time consuming. brings the entire workflow together in one, simple and intuitive platform. It’s the perfect complement to existing BI.

David Hyde
Director of Analytics - Sunobi

Every single detail in the product is designed to help produce better, faster insights. is quickly going to go from being a strategic advantage to a necessary platform to remain competitive.

Vic Singh
Partner - Eniac

Every great product manager wants to be data driven, but that's hard to do when your data is locked up. makes your data immediately available and helps uncover critical insights to drive decisions.

Stefani Weimholt
Sr. Product Manager @ Ovative Group

As a product manager, makes it incredibly easy to pull reports in order to make data-driven decisions.

Ethan Finkel
Product Manager - Standard Metrics