Create a data-driven culture

Shifting priorities and data models quickly render BI ineffective for ad hoc questions, forcing your business partners to make ad hoc requests, or worse, rely on their gut.

Promote self-serve analytics

When a target metric shifts or new data is required to answer a question and inform a decision, offers the flexibility to adjust at the same speed as your schema and data models. Your business team can now spend more time exploring data on their own time, giving you time back to focus on your data strategy and executive reports.

Understand your business partner’s needs

Get insights into what questions your business partners are asking to understand where they could use extra support from the data team whether it be new fields, tables or source data.

Improve discoverability of existing dashboards

Some ad hoc questions can likely already be answered with existing dashboards if your business partners knew where to look. Connect your BI system to leverage’s AI-powered search and expose dashboards that you’ve already put work into curating.

Supercharge your data analysis

Leverage the power of AI and collaboration to supercharge your team.