Our Mission

Data is the lifeblood of any modern organization and our mission is to make insights from data available to everyone in the enterprise. In the future, anyone within an organization will be able to ask questions in plain language and get quick, useful and accurate answers no matter how complex or messy the underlying data.
We’re going to accomplish this in three steps:
A supervised conversational AI interface to answer ad hoc factual questions
Unsupervised AI that can provide accurate responses to any factual questions
AI that can answer factual, predictive and correlative questions
In doing so, we’re going to be elevating humans. Humans are going to see a 100X productivity over the next decade, giving everyone more time to focus on strategic and creative thinking, harder, more nebulous problems like climate change and healthcare, but also their families and communities.

The Founders

Lei and Marc have experienced the of addressing ad hoc data questions first hand, as both consumers and providers of the data. With over 2 decades of combined experienced building and scaling enterprise data and AI solutions they’re excited to lead the way on the next generation of BI.
After getting a degree in electrical engineering, Marc was first exposed to machine learning and neural networks while studying for his MSc in neurotechnology. Always passionate about solving hard problems at the intersection of technology and business, Marc was eventually hired as an early product manager at Clari where he led the platform, analytics and AI efforts and helped turn Clari into the leader in the RevOps space.

With an understanding of the challenges of enterprise data and the progress in AI, Marc wanted to lead the way in transforming the way teams interact with their data.
With a PhD in Computer Science and Machine Learning, Lei has been building applied machine learning and AI systems for over a decade. From building large scale consumer AI systems at Yahoo!, Walmart Labs and Lyft to AI in the enterprise at Clari, he understands the unique challenges of building AI which is reliable and scalable and that users can depend on.

Having experienced the problem first hand and seeing the gaps in legacy BI, with the advent of generative AI, Lei immediately saw the opportunity to solve a broken process in the enterprise.

"I was able to get insights in 1/10th of the time it normally would have"

Don't take our word for it, give it a try!