Reimagining data analysis with AI

Since Elon Musk emphasized thinking from first principles, this concept has become a staple in corporate jargon, often used as loosely as the term "literally" in everyday language.

At, we consciously avoid relying on first principles for aspects of product and user experience where it's unnecessary. For instance, logging into applications using Single Sign-On (SSO) is a well-understood and efficiently designed process. Why reinvent that?

That said, we do apply first principles thoughtfully when embracing an AI-first approach. Consider what AI excels at: generating text, creating code, sifting through vast data sets to extract valuable insights. When you consider this and take a step back, you start seeing design patterns and features everywhere that shouldn’t exist. Take the ubiquitous search functionality in applications – often imperfect yet necessary to search for information while coding. Imagine if AI could directly provide the needed code, bypassing traditional search. By focusing on AI-driven code generation and citing sources, we eliminate the need for conventional search functionality. And that’s exactly what we’ve done at And we’ve done this for many other features that have transformed our users’ day to day.

Our design philosophy is simple: we constantly ask, "How can AI simplify this?" This question shapes our product development, infusing AI into every aspect of the user experience. We discard old paradigms and adopt first principles thinking.

If you’re interested in building the future of data analytics and you want to experience what it means to built and AI-first platform, reach out to to find out more about our open positions!

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